Sunday, February 16, 2014


Lewes in February Sunshine

They say that February 14th is the birds' wedding day.
I hope they waited a couple of days - today was a far better day for a wedding!
It actually felt warm.
We had  a stroll in Lewes - part of my life for 60 years.

Look at that blue sky over the castle - a treat indeed.

Looking down The High Street to Cliffe Hill.

The afternoon loungers were in the doorway of the building with the sun dial.

Can't have Lewes pictures without one of Harvey's Brewery.
I have taken loads over the years.

Cliffe Church and cottage.

Cottages under the chalk cliff. It was 60 years ago when I first cycled by those cottages.

The river is full. The water meadows are flooded.

I had cycled by Snowdrop Inn many times.....or passed by on the Southdown bus.
I never supposed I would go in. My parents were not the pub going type.

I always assumed that the name referred to the flower - probably hadn't looked at the pub sign and wondered about the picture.

The pub was built (in 1840) on the spot where a row of cottages had stood. On the 27th December 1836 - middle of a fierce winter, snow tumbled down from the hillside above and swamped the cottages.
It is the worst avalanche, in terms of loss of life, that the UK has ever known.
Some were pulled from the cottages, but 8 perished that day.

Artist's impression of the avalanche. You can see Cliffe Church in the distance on the left hand side.

Stairs to the upstairs room.
Every year on the anniversary of the avalanche a talk is given about the event and a guided walk is also on the agenda.

The pub was crowded with Sunday lunchtime diners, so we took our half pints to the garden, which was also full of diners and drinkers.
It was lovely to sit out in the sun.

The River Ouse from the bridge in the town.

There were a few buskers about in the sunshine.
Loved the music from this guy with a mandolin.

We had parked the car at The Dripping Pan - home of Lewes Football Club.

Before we left we walked though to get some views of The Downs - and here the Priory Church of Southover Street and a jumble of chimneys.

Beddingham childhood summers were spent camping on the side of that hill, facing Lewes and Mount Caburn.

Firle Beacon.