Saturday, February 08, 2014


It was good.

I must fully appreciate the good days......I have no vision of the future, but I am sure that really good days with Bill might run out eventually.
I think I deserve the good days - I plan for them, work for them and try to create a world that Bill feels comfortable in.
I work on my own reactions too - at this stage there is no reason for Alzheimer's to feel like a tragedy.
It is only a tragedy, at the moment, if I allow it to be.
Thank goodness that I don't have a vision of the future - I will take each day as it comes.
Today has been another good day.
How lucky am I?
I woke up, nearly as late as Bill!
I had gone to be late. I stayed up watching an Everly Brothers concert.........the beautiful songs and voices of my teenage years.
I sat singing alone, the words and tunes so familiar - and some so movingly sad that I felt close to being weepy. The last song was Let it Be Me - a love song. In the concert it seemed to enhance the love between the brothers, who had just patched up some bitter quarrels and were back together. And now - 30 years after the concert, one of the brothers has gone. Poignant.
My first task of the morning was to make plans for the day - how could I make today a good day?
I had just a few things to buy and suggested to Bill that we have breakfast in Horley and I buy things in Waitrose.
I enjoyed breakfast with Bill.
We returned to the little story we once started......maybe it is close to completion now. It will need some illustrations.
Bill's story, may have hidden depths. The nice  monster is friendly and is loved by the local children - but he is a fire breathing monster and he roars and breathes fire at That Person who he lives with in the cave. That Person makes him cross! I have a sneaking feeling that I could be That Person!
We called in on Bill's sister, Pam on the way home.
Pam and I made plans together for tomorrow afternoon - damn, I forgot that I shall be at sportshall athletics tomorrow afternoon. Sorry Pam.
We were not the only visitors at Pam's.
Antony, Amie and baby Nancy called in too.
So, Nancy spent some time with the "friendly monster".


I enjoyed a happy play as well.

Then it was time to get home and work for a while.
I have photographs ready for some Ebay things and I look forward to describing them in the morning.
There are a lot of legal documents which I know people like. Hope they like mine.
There are documents relating to the Cocoa Tree Club in London and another relating to the dealings of Leah Keppel - well, the Keppels have been famous/notorious from about the time of this document, 1907. I wonder which one of Leah's relations was Edward VII's mistress?
And of course Keppels continue to have influence on Royal life.......Alice Keppel's (the mistress)  great
grand daughter is Camilla - also the mistress (later wife) of a Prince of Wales.
Bill had a little doze when we got in and then, at my suggestion, he did the small amount of ironing that needed doing.
After an economy tea of baked beans on toast, we relaxed in front of the TV - Bill with his feet soaking in warm water and a special liquid to help with itching and eczema.
In truth, he has not been looking after his feet and they looked awful.
After soaking he  struggled to reach his toes to deal with the nails and then I massaged them with some soothing cream.
It might be time to have a chiropodist - maybe for both of us.
And on that footnote, I end!