Thursday, January 30, 2014


Good things

I should be brief.......I need my bed; it has been a long day.
I left Bill sleeping this morning and went to Ford on my own.
I bought some books and some interesting old kitchen ware for the shop.
Haven't sorted any of it yet.
I didn't go to Littlehampton, but went straight back home.
Bill was up and dressed, which surprised me.
But he slept again later.
But so did I!

This evening we have been out together. I am so glad Bill felt able to come.
We have been timekeeping for the sprints evening in The Tube at Horsham.
Timekeeping is something Bill can still do accurately. And he only forgot to take a time 3 times. He sat down on the chair that is provided for me......his hernia has been really bad.
Consequently I was standing and ended up with back ache.....but I think sleep will ease that.
Bill's pain has eased after I gave him 2 co-drydramol. He just said that the pain seemed to have got better - no connection with the tablets then Bill?
One of our fellow timekeepers advised me not to rush to get Bill's driving licence taken. Gerry is in the police force. The time will have to come, but it doesn't have to be this month.

This afternoon I was looking on line for local day care facilities that might be suitable.
But I spent longer browsing The Alzheimer's Society Forum - a chat line.
I already feel like I have new friends!
Some experiences make me laugh - they match mine so closely. Others make me fearful - telling me of what is to come maybe.
But I found that the Cancer Self Help Group could have also been fearful because friends I made, died. I was never fearful.....those people just taught me that dying is natural and sometimes not the worst thing that could happen. I was happy to be a part of the cancer tribe.
Now I am part of another tribe - the dementia carers' tribe. I hope that you never become a part of either of them.

Now for  a picture that brought tears to my eyes.
It is a picture that  a year ago I never imagined I would be seeing.

How happy I am to be seeing my daughter now.
Well done Clare,
You have battled through your own long black tunnel.
I think you now see the light at the end of the tunnel growing ever brighter.