Sunday, January 26, 2014



That was Sunday....quite wet, but not as bad as forecast and not as bad as yesterday afternoon when we, in the south east experienced a miniature tornado.
In Cobham (Surrey)  apparently feral cats were flung into the air by its force. Maybe the news reporters assume that all domestic cats would have been safe in doors during such weather.
We had made no plans to go out today.
But we have been glad to welcome Bill's sister, Lesley and her husband Peter for some tea and cake...and a bit of a catch up.
This morning I priced up all that I had bought yesterday and have a shopping trolley full to take to the shop tomorrow.
Brrrrrrrrr! Likely to be cold in the shop tomorrow.

I enjoyed looking through my art book of over 20 years ago.
When I was seriously ill and it was assumed that I was getting close to the end of life, I was encouraged and found great contentment in poetry and art.
It was a very worthwhile time filler. And I am grateful for all the encouragement I got.
The patients in the hospice day care centre (and I was one 3 days a week) benefited from an art therapist.
I look back with fondness to a day when the group of us created a huge picture incorporating the imagery of the Leonard Cohen song Suzanne.
I love Leonard Cohen - a true poet.
I was there with my friend, Suzanne. Other patients saw us as the young and lively ones!
Suzanne, alas, was not so lively. She died about a month later.
Today I looked at my doodling - doodling with pencils and water colours.
Friends  gave me the art materials; some remain and maybe I can persuade Bill to sit with me and create pictures.
I found that what I had created interested me......a little talent could be developed if I put my mind to it.
I photographed some.....and a few I added to with digital photography techniques.
Happy to combine the creative juices of then and now.

This is not copied from a picture.
Paddington Bear posed for me!

Now for some colour doodles.

Bill felt he had never seen any of these pictures.
I explained that I had done them 20 years ago.
His reply quite shocked me.........."Before we got married."
I asked him when he thought we got married........ten years he thought might be a bit recent. He opted for 15 years.
But he sort of got there in the end.
I asked him old he was when he married me and he thought it would have been when he was 20 or 22.
So how long ago was that?
Out came the fingers for counting and he was aghast that it was 50 years!
We have been together for nearly 52 years and it will be our 49th wedding anniversary in the summer.