Monday, January 20, 2014


In the shop

I have enjoyed a busy day.
There has been lots of chatting and laughing and working.
My first job was to tidy my own section to absorb the things I had taken in.
All looking good.
I was happy to sell things today - or it might have seemed a bleak week.
During the morning Steve and I chatted about what was Bill's corner - where I have the January sale.
Steve has nobody and nothing to fill that space, so I suggested that I might continue to use it as a Bargain Corner for longer than planned.
The January Sale has transformed into the Bargain Boutique!
I decided to rearrange things - if I am using it, then the section must look good and interesting.
I just told Steve that if anybody comes along and wants to rent a section then I can move out at a moment's notice.
I then had to pop round to the Bank. Last week I adjusted the standing order for Pilgrims rent on line - but as I am keeping the space, I needed to alter it back to what I was already paying.
Steve has been up on the roof and fiddling with things electric.
Our burglar alarm bell is fixed on the outside to a part of the property which does not belong to Steve.
It was once all owned by the same person.
He has been looking at how to get it moved.
So, we pottered on with our various tasks and set the world to right in the meantime.
We decided that flooding is not caused by gay marriage as suggested by a UKIP councillor!
Naughty world - flouting the conventions of 2,000 years ago.
It is the opposite in fact - divorce causes flooding!
Now so many people are leading single lives, more houses are needed and developers are building these homes on unsuitable land.
Or it could be that smoking causes floods! Some report in The Daily Mail reports that pregnant women who smoke are more likely to give birth to offspring who are gay. These gay offspring subsequently choose to marry!
Hey ho!
Bill, of course, has been at home. I am  not sure that he knows why he no longer spends the day in the shop. But as he would have nothing to do and he is better off doing that at home in the warm.
But he misses me!
Each week I have been there alone - that's 3 Mondays now, he waits at the gate for me at about the time he expects me home.
Today he was out early and had walked up the road a bit.
He helps me carry things indoors.
And then......."Hooray" he thinks, "I have somebody to annoy now!". And he celebrates with loud clapping and banging!
He needs me - just so that he can annoy me.
Well, sorry Bill......I am in a calm mode again and although I will ask him to be quieter, especially if I am doing something or watching TV, but I will not lose my cool and shout at him.
I did mutter to myself "Let it Be" for a moment. And the words of wisdom from Mother Mary got me through.
Bill went to bed at 9 o'clock.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is not too bad. I shall organise a trip out in the morning - Bill hasn't been anywhere for a couple of days.