Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ups and downs of the day.

Ups and downs!
Lots going on.
I got up later than the alarm went off. Bit of a rush then. I left Bill in bed and went to Ford.
I didn't buy very much, but had fun and felt good.
I drove straight home, having told Bill that he could still have his Wetherspoon's breakfast, but in Crawley not Littlehampton.
Not quite as pleasing in Crawley.
I then went to the bank to alter a standing order.
 On the way we called in to tell Alex in La Rusta something. I had taken a good picture of a La Rusta eggs benedict and added it to their facebook page.
Alex put an almond croissant in a bag - freshly baked just an hour before - and gave it to me.
Delicious - I'll be back for more.
We were back home in plenty of time to greet a carpet cleaner man.
Last week I agreed to something I would never normally do.
A sweet young woman named Tabitha phoned and said her family company, based in Maidstone were looking to expand and could she offer me the steam cleaning of carpets in 2 rooms for £30?
Not too much money - yes, lets get it done said I.
Of course today when the man just mentioned that he could do the stairs, landing and by the front door as well, I buckled. Yes - do it!
I spent the time he was in the house checking the Memories of Crawley facebook group.
Lots of interesting photographs.
Few of my blog readers know of Crawley in the years when I was growing up - but one or two might like this photo.

We seemed to be in the Smith Clothing Company quite often - probably just for school socks.
It's on the corner of Three Bridges Road. I don't really recall shops round the corner and certainly don't what they sold.
All gone now!
Later a new contributor to the site put some pictures on.
These are the boys of Robinson Road School out on a trip.

The chimney in the background suggest they might be in the fields round Rectory Lane, Ifield. There was a steam mill still standing in the 1950s.
Bill has no memory of this nor does he recognise the teacher. He was at the school from about 1950 to 53, when it closed.
I think I see him. Above the brackets.

I don't know where this next one was taken. It should be Little Deerswood School - my school from the age of 5 to 10.
But - a Garden Cafeteria? Maybe it was a school fete day. The visitors are looking very smart.

This is Mrs Jackson, the head mistress.
She was the tyrant who despaired of me ever sewing a straight line of stitches without getting the thread knotted and muddled.
She looks very sweet and friendly here.
It made me gasp to see the picture and be transported back all those years.

Then came a down.
Jo phoned.
Her ex son in law had a serious accident some years ago - with complicated head injuries.
His brain damage affects the way he lives and thinks and behaves.
He has in the last months been through the same processes that Bill has.
Last week he saw the specialist after his MRI scan.
The diagnosis is now Alzheimers Disease - not yet too advanced. He can sort of look after himself.
Bad news for him and the family.
Bad news for me - awaiting lots of help next Thursday.
The doctor has not prescribed any medication for him because he should have another MRI scan 6 months after the first one so that changes can be noted.
And I guess will wait 3 more months after this second MRI scan to see the doctor again.
Now every case is different - and there are many forms of dementia. Maybe the approach for Bill will be different, but it doesn't look as though I can expect much help in the form of medication for quite some time.
Though I am different from Jo's adult grand daughters who are responsible for their father's well being.
I can be damn pushy! The appointment next Thursday must be well planned for.

As you know Bill enjoys playing.
He took great delight in wearing one of this morning's purchases.

It is a hat from C and A. That store has been closed in the UK for over 10 years - could have sworn it was longer.
I can certainly describe it as Vintage.
Or shall I keep it for funerals?

Bill has gone to bed now - before 9 o'clock.
I hope he can find some oomph tomorrow. There is a lot to tidy up after the rooms were cleared for the carpet cleaner man.
I want to do a table swap.
There is a plain rectangular table in one of the spare bedrooms - which had been Bill's work base for models and such like. He doesn't need it any more. I want to swap it for the round table we have in the kitchen/dining room.
Both will have to be taken apart and then rebuilt. Not hard jobs.
One of the downstairs IKEA chairs was carried up by the carpet man. I want to make that room upstairs less of a dumping room and more of a second day room - except when people come to stay and then the sofa bed can be pulled out.