Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Tuesday - forgot to publish.

Lovely sunny morning.
Got the man up and out - walked into town.
I am not sure if he knew where we were going until we arrived!
I said many times that we were going to the appointment he made, last week, at the opticians.
He asked if we were going to the dentist....or to the hospital?
But eyes have now been successfully assessed. Nothing wrong with the back of his eyes.
There has been some slight change to his vision.
My attitude was "So what?"
He doesn't use his eyes for reading........apparently the change would cause problems after a lot of reading. He hardly uses the computer.....just glances at pictures and jokes on my facebook. He doesn't watch TV very much....except maybe if I have it on.
And we know what should happen about driving......he is contesting that now of course.
If Specsavers thought they would make a lot of money out of "some small change" then they are now thinking again.
A very helpful, sweet young woman pointed out that basic varifocals in a basic frame would cost no more than £69.
So that is what has been opted for.
After one or two purchases we made our way to La Rusta.
The cafe was busy this lunchtime. I chatted with a young man who only discovered the place last week and was thrilled to have found somewhere so right.
And Alex.....our Italian host spent a while chatting and laughing with us.
I do love eating out with friends.......and Alex has created somewhere that is so friendly. Better than the chains where one feels so anonymous.
We came home on the bus.
Bill had had enough.
He slept for a while at home.
I went to see our neighbour, Rose. In her 80s now and as busy as ever. She helps at Age Concern (she recommends their day centre for Bill). She serves lunches once a week at her church luncheon club for the old folk. She does keep fit too.
She made me tea and we chatted long and hard!
Tomorrow she will talk to somebody at the luncheon club who does all sorts of maintenance work to see if he could erect a new fence and gate for us at the back.It is in danger of collapsing and the gate has to be lifted to be opened.