Friday, January 10, 2014


High tension.

Not feeling like I have much meaningful to say. It's all been said before.
I am hating myself for the way I deal with Bill sometimes. And he certainly doesn't deserve my hate.
Bill is doing his best. I should do my best too.
Today I suggested he make a jelly. He needed me to interpret the instructions and tell him where he would find everything he needed.
His floundering would have been funny - but not today, in these circumstances.
But we did have jelly and ice cream for a pudding.

I will put today to bed I think.
Tomorrow maybe Ford and Litlhehampton will strengthen me.
Tension is so destructive.
We are promised some sunshine.

Happy birthday to our Grandson in Thailand. A family group will be at the Beach Bar in the evening.
That would sure lift the tension!