Thursday, January 02, 2014


Littlehampton and Arun valley floods. January 2014

Hooray! We saw blue skies and sunshine - a brief interlude between the storms.
We saw the sun come up as we drove south.
I had not expected the car boot sale at Ford to be very worthwhile today - it is still Christmas!
It was good enough to give me a grasp of reality and I bought 4 things.
One is sort of interesting. It is an unused diary for 1986....a Dairy Diary!
It has novelty value just now because the days and dates for 1986 exactly match the days and dates for 2014.
We  finished our hunting and then went on to Littlehampton, and being quite early we took a walk before we went for breakfast.
The river walk will be great again - but changes are occurring to benefit the people. Flood defences and a more attractive lay out. But just now it doesn't feel so good - fenced off.
Stupidly I felt sad that the little green hut that has appeared in my photographs and early postcards has now gone.
The hut is just beyond the lobster pots by the side of the river. I have taken some reflection photos in the windows of the hut.

But I enjoyed the sea and the beach.

On the crest of a wave.

We drove home over Bury Hill to feel somewhat awed by the amount of flooded land.

The old man's beard and blue sky caught my attention.

The River Arun - flooded. This is from the bridge near Amberley Station, looking downstream towards Arundel.

Amberley Bridge.....and a foot path to nowhere!

Tired now......but maybe because I thought that some chocolates needing eating up! Not good.