Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Christmas Number 3 with family.

Christmas ended for me on Sunday with a final festive flourish with family.
We drove to Wiltshire for a day at my brother's. It was a beautiful morning, clear blue sky and frost on the ground to create  sparkling views.
Bill and I sang all the way - singing along to Hits of the 1950's.
We spent the morning sitting around drinking tea and nibbling and talking. Some of the younger members of the party were off out to allow old neighbours to see their new babies.
My sister in law specialises in Christmas........and when it comes to food, there is hardly a traditional foodstuff that can be left out!
My dinner plate was loaded - I remind myself that lots of it was made up of healthy vegetables!

I followed this with a small piece of Christmas pudding and some rum butter. This last was a speciality of my mother's - I was never sure why she made it, because she was very much against the effects of any alcohol.
But we did have it and loved it.

And now - apologies I have no picture  of the chef! I should have one - for she made sure the 11 of us gathered round the table were superbly supplied.
Other people came in the afternoon.

My brother sat and chatted cheerily with everybody.
His coffee mug reflects his blog sub title - Thoughts and Memories of a Happy Nerd. Do look up Locksands Life.

He shares a joke with our half brother.
We are so blessed that family is family whether their title should be prefixed with half or step or aren't really family at all!

So, are these two half or quarter nephew and niece?
It's not important - they are family.

Meanwhile with all the chatter, a baby should be sleeping.

The brothers pose for a "silly". My nerdy brother never looks glum really.
Take a look at half brother, on the right........what do you see?

That's right - you say the back of his throat!

And the baby still doesn't sleep.

Time for the half family to leave. Lovely to see you.

Jenny and Mike - part of our lovely extended family.

My brother and his wife play games - and others do too.
This one was very apt as a present for them because they have a love affair with the Isle of Wight.

Baby had her sleep, and was now ready to play.

She even managed a smile for her great aunt - the old woman with the camera!

And then it was tea time.......obviously hunger had set in!
Lots of savoury things and then more cakes than I could cope with.

I did have a sausage roll offered by my nephew.

Nephew and his wife - parents of the baby.

I'll finish with the Christmas cake.
I made sure I had enough room for a slice of that! Congratulations cook!