Sunday, December 22, 2013


It was the First Day of Christmas.

Yesterday was a lovely day- a meeting up of various members of my family.
It is a family which reaches far and wide and the tree has many branches, but it is a united family with no thoughts of rows.
I feel very blessed.

The oldest of us is 73 (that's Bill) and the youngest is just 3 months.

We sat down for a tasty dinner with various choices on the menu - a menu to suit various tastes.
Some people sat sedately and chatted and conversed as they ate.
I think Otto and Bill were up to mischief.....with Otto whispering plans to Bill.
Ruth decided to join in with their funny faces.

Bill is the champion! 73 years of practice.

Later we adjourned, drank teas and coffees and waited for the first episode of present opening.
People who would not be meeting up again over the festive period exchanged presents.

Two young cousins get to know each other a little more, under the watchful eye of baby's Father.

Baby and me just failed to bond......she was having one of those days maybe.
I failed to have a lovely cuddle - she screamed if I tried.

I feel she is still glaring at me!
"It's that woman again!"

The mayhem that is present opening time.
Bill spent the time carefully picking up the wrapping paper.

My step mother - only 18 months older than me.
She has been part of our family for 45 years.

Our niece and a great nephew.

studies a map in a children's atlas which had a full page devoted to Madagascar, home of her boys' father.

It was thought that Felix would be glad of a big cuddly toy.
I found just the one.
Now I know that finding toys might not be a challenge - you walk into the appropriate shop to be surrounded by cuddly toys.
But our family doesn't work quite like that all the time.
I had to "find" it - and I was successful when buying from an acquaintance at Ford car boot sale.
The toy is new, complete with tags - but at the same time, second hand.

And Felix was indeed entranced by his dog - maybe named Cuddles.

 Today has been a lively and busy day in the antiques centre, working with my good friend, Jo.
I came home and threw together a venison casserole (don't tell Rudolph!).
For a brief moment I was a bit doubtful about the venison because it has been in the freezer for 4 years.
I needn't have worried because it was very good.
As it cooked I watched the 1951 Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. I knew it was an early one because the art work is so good, with every facet of the background well thought out.
But it led to a search in our house.
When we got to the Mad hatter's Tea Party I suddenly remembered the picture that my teacher, Mr Hall had drawn in my autograph book when I was 9 or 10. - a scene from the tea party.
I still haven't found it. But I know it is somewhere in the house.
When I find it I will share it with you.

Time for bed - back to the shop tomorrow.