Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sing choir of angels.

Well, of course I didn't actually expect Bill to rise at a reasonable hour and help with the new printer.
There was just one thing for it - do it myself.
Now, for many this would not be a major task - but I have not learned about these things. I allowed Bill to feel like the technical man of the house.
But I do now have a working printer set up and I am feeling proud of myself.
And it is a good printer.
Pleased with it.
Was Bill afraid of tackling it himself? I don't think so.......because he doesn't know that he is unable to do things or remember things.
He didn't get up until about half past eleven. He had a bowl of cereal.
I suggested he get the vacuum cleaner out and clean up downstairs.
That didn't happen. He went back up stairs and lay down for more hours.
Later I cleaned the downstairs floors.

And then I went to a Christmas Carol concert at the Broadfield Church.
This was an event performed by my nephew's class in The Discovery School.
Well done children - you had a lot of words to remember and you sang very sweetly.
My photos are not very good - I was too far away and my flash didn't prove very effective. Probably the camera settings are wrong. Tomorrow I shall see if I can learn more about camera settings. About time too!

I turned these pictures black and white because that copes with the grainy lack of light better.

Meanwhile younger brother was plotting mischief with a friend.
Tomorrow I shall see them in their nativity play.

Little angel!

The chairman of the PTA - my half sister.

There were teas and coffees laid on with cold drinks and biscuits for the children.

How many biscuits did you have? Mischief makers!

This evening I have watched TV. From about half past seven onwards Bill has been asking what the time is and if it is bedtime.
He doesn't have any interest in anything and doesn't do anything.
But how can he be tired if he doesn't do anything?
He went to bed about 8 o'clock.
He has been up and downstairs during the evening several times, feeling restless.

Tomorrow, after I have been to the nativity play at the school. I will insist that we go for a walk. Bill could have come to the church this evening. But he can't really attend the play because each child has been allocated only 3 tickets for adults (better than some schools).
But yes - he must get out tomorrow for fresh air and exercise.
We will also be out in the evening - a social gathering at a Dorking pub. Bill thought he wouldn't bother - unaware that this is supposed to be entertaining and fun, and therefore worthwile. I am telling you will be in that pub in Dorking!