Monday, December 02, 2013


You may telephone from here.

Well, the day has been easier for me than yesterday.
Being out and busy is always better for me. Steve and I even got Bill a bit busy.
Steve owns the antiques centre.
Today he told me that had,  a while back, bought a full size replica telephone box made of wood. He was planning to use it for displaying the antiques and interesting phones that he has.
Typical me! "What's wrong with today then?"
And out came a flat packed telephone box! It was easy enough to put together.
Just got to get the roof on.........

The telephone box was about half an inch too tall!.

So, down came the roof and Steve planed away vigorously until it was just right.

Then came the next problem...... where to put it?

This large item was tried in 3 different places during the day until we were all satisfied.

This meant a constant moving of all the other things in the room. Steve and Mick share the area and they have furniture; and mindful of the abundance of shabby chic shops they are sticking to traditional old furniture.

Dark wood is not really in vogue and it has been making the section look rather gloomy.
By the time we had finished we had moved the well lit glass cabinets which really has opened up the room.
There is more to be done, of course.
Steve has to put shelves and hooks in the box for wall mounted phones and desk phones. Oh it is going to look so good.
So it has been a busy day. I ache from moving furniture and not surprisingly Bill's hernia has flared up more than usual.
Sadly we were not troubled a great deal by customers - well, not the buying kind.

But our business combines all sorts of pleasure and today's was setting something new up.

The sides of the box did have opaque perspex windows.
They had to come out.

Bill has continued to puff, clap and tap. Steve chides him now nearly as much as I do! But of course Steve isn't a nagging wife and he can get away with it.
I decided this evening that maybe I should attempt to tolerate most of it and concentrate on what upsets me the most.
I think it is the loud claps that bother me most.
I will remind him that the claps are not appropriate.
But he won't remember my reminders. He doesn't recall that I was upset, cross and shouting yesterday evening.