Monday, November 25, 2013



It was Monday; it was a shop day.
I didn't get as much done as I planned.....blame it on the customers!
I had two boxes of things that I wanted to get written up in my stock book. I only got through one of them and all those things are now on the shelves.
Buy things customers! I really don't have room for more things.
Maybe I got all behind because of friendly chatter.
I am not sure how it came up but Steve and I were trying to remember the Cockney alphabet - his Dad had a picture book featuring it.
In the end I went online and we got various versions of it.
Customers liked it too.

A for 'Orses (Hay for Horses)
B for Mutton (Beef or Mutton)
C for Miles (See for Miles)
D for Ential (Differential)
E for Brick (Heave a Brick)
F for Vessence (Effervescence)
G for Get It (Gee, forget it!)
H for Retirement (Age for Retirement)
I for The Engine (Ivor the Engine)
J for Oranges (Jaffa Oranges)
K for Restaurant (Cafe or Restaurant)
L for Leather (Hell for Leather)
M for Sis (Emphasis)
N for Lope (Envelope)
O for The Garden Wall (Over the Garden Wall)
P for Relief (How do you spell relief)
Q for a Bus (Queue for a Bus)
R for Mo (Half a Moment)
S for As You Go (As Far As You Go)
T for Two (Tea for Two)
U for Me (You for Me)
V for La France (Vive la France)
W for the Winnings (Double you for the Winnings)
X for Breakfast (Eggs for Breakfast)
Y for Husband (Wife or Husband)
Z for Wind (Zephyr Wind)

At least this version explains them all!

Bill didn't join in with any of this, of course. He must feel like an outsider when "normal" banter and chat goes on around him.
Maybe that is the cause of noisy puffing noises and noisy tapping.
It was interesting that this morning when I turned the radio on as we drank a cup of tea in bed that the music playing was immediately recognised as Elvis Presley - All Shook Up, one of the early Elvis records. Next came music that should have been familiar - but came much later. It was Queen. We own Queen records.
Another indication that Bill's brain is trapped somewhere in the 1950s.
I shall seek out various compilation CDs of hits of the 50s.

And so the day proceeded.
It was 5 o'clock; close the shop and back to the car. Bloomin' cheek!

My crime apparently was that the car was parked in a disabled bay without a properly displayed disabled badge.
I assume the traffic warden could see the disabled badge. Maybe not.
The badge/card was fixed to the windscreen - you can still see one of the sticky corners that held it.
It has been flat on the dashboard for a while.
I fear it might have the wrong side on display!
Is it really going to cost me £35 for having the badge facing the wrong way?
You may be sure that I shall be contacting the local council offices tomorrow.

Tired now. Early to bed.