Thursday, November 21, 2013


One day at a time and some firework celebrations.

Let's begin at the beginning.
I am glad I fumed!
Fuming is good.
The one thing it showed me is how much I care about what happens to Bill. The man I have loved for all these years seemed to be being mistreated and i couldn't stand for it.
And if I have got close to a some mistreatment of him myself, then it had better stop!!!!
So this morning I was determined to sort a few things out.
Finally I got through to talk to somebody.
"Ah, yes" she said, "we are just sorting out the early January appointments."
She felt sure that Bill would be amongst them.
"But who will he see?" I demanded.
It will be Dr Serodi (or some such name).
"And is Dr Serodi a neurologist?" I wanted to know.
It turns out that she is a psychiatrist.
So far, so good.
And then seemingly from nowhere, the woman at the end of the phone was able to give me a date - January 23rd.
Hardly early January - and 2 months feels like much too long to wait.
But actually no harm will come to Bill; maybe he will deteriorate just a little more - but beyond that his physical health is well controlled.
Let's hope that his appointment tomorrow with the new doctor at our practice will help him to some treatment for his hernia. Please don't let it have popped back in!

Another happy and interesting development today - a new friend.
I almost have felt like she could be a friend for some while - love her comments and chat on facebook with an old school friend of mine.
This new friend has worked in a professional capacity with elderly people for many years and understands both dementia and autism very well.
Glad to include you S amongst my friends.

This evening I went off for an adventure on my own.
I had volunteered to be a marshall at a fireworks display that The Borough of Reigate and Banstead were holding.
This was to mark the 150th anniversary of the Borough's existence and combined it with pre Christmas late night shopping. This event was held in Redhill.
I have done marshalling for them before.
I planned to meet up with Donna at her house before the event. getting there felt like a bit of an adventure!
It was dark, raining and in the rush hour and I don't know the smaller Redhill streets. I had to phone her to put me right.....yes, OK......I was lost!
The rain stopped in time for the event.
It was a poorly advertised event. I can't see why the local council could have got that so wrong.
It was obvious that huge crowds were not going to arrive.
There were enough, though, to create some atmosphere.
Most of them stayed on the side of the field closest to the entrance.
And where was I marshalling? Why, on the other side of the field - where just a few quiet families came.
Well, that was OK - I felt I could justify relaxing the marshall's rules.
I was supposed to face "the crowd" at all times - not look at the fireworks and definitely not take any photographs.
I did look frequently over the barrier to my "crowd" just to make sure nothing was going wrong, but I also enjoyed the display. It was not a long display - 10 minutes of choreographed fireworks it was described as.

Marshall P ready for action!

Yes, Donna and I know how to enjoy ourselves!
We were two timekeepers who vied with each other to relate the worst health histories!
We have learned from our adversities.
Donna wins the competition - her complicated health continues to need constant monitoring.

Street traders were hopeful of big crowds.

Let the show begin!

Photographers will know what awkward subjects fireworks are.

I deleted almost everything.