Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today's trip.

Today we made it to Sheffield Park Gardens.....I think it had been very busy there; signs were out about the car park being full, but we arrived later in the day and there were spaces.
It was a bit too late in the day really, because the clear blue sky of morning was less intense by afternoon and by the time we left we had lost the sun completely.
But at least, later on we did enjoy a wonderful sunset.
Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow - they are not loading onto the blog right now.

We were late out partly because I had made an appointment to see the solicitor again.
I am glad I did that rather than just drop off the documents.
She had redrafted our wills, without errors.So the new copies have been re-signed and re-witnessed.
And I had been correct that I had not been sent enough relevant documents.
It has all been done now.

Bill had commented how he thought the car was dirty and "I must give it a clean". I suggested he do it straight away when we got back home.
"No, I'll have a cup of tea first". I knew then that cleaning the car would go the way all the other things "I really must do" have gone of late.
 I waited to give him a chance,  but time had elapsed - thus we were late out.
So, I was already a bit tetchy.
We drove to Sheffield Park.....with me listening to the constant noise of Bill puffing up his cheeks and expelling air.
When I grumble, he tells me he is being a steam train! No, that doesn't help, Bill!
He continued with his noises as we walked round the gardens.
He treats my comments with disdain and a loud cackly laugh.
He doesn't know that I am upset......and if he did know, he certainly wouldn't understand why.

We went to Heaven Farm for a cup of tea and cake. I had never been pleased with the Gardens tea room; but it has been taken over by The National Trust and hopefully the quality will have improved.
Fabulous sunset from the farm.

Thursday tomorrow - Ford day. At this moment I must believe that Bill will get up and accompany me.