Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Druridge Bay and Amble. Northumberland.

It was a late October trip to the seaside. Northumberland beaches are wonderful.
Our first stop was Druridge Bay......a long, long sandy bay.
Part of it is included within a country park - inland from the beach and dunes to gently undulating countryside and a large fresh water lake.

Look closely and you can see that we were not alone on the beach!

Clare strides out along the sand.

Whoops.......wave coming!

The freshwater lake.

We drove the few miles to Amble, a small fishing harbour on the Coquet Estuary.

Inland, at some distance away, we could see Warkworth castle - looming ominously in the late afternoon gloom. Standing proud over the River Coquet.
We visited the castle over 30 years ago.

Somewhere to unload the fishing boat.

Cormorant across the river.

Coquet Island.