Monday, November 04, 2013


Should he stay?

Well, they have been busy whilst I was away!
Shop people, that is.
My first thought was that the window display had been changed very quickly.
I soon saw why.
The central item of the window display had been my high sold last Tuesday, leaving a very fragmented display.
That was a good sale......and there were many others.
Very pleased.
I am not sure how pleased I am that Bill is unable to come to any decision about whether he should stay or go.
He does nothing for his section and does almost nothing on Mondays when we are there.
He couldn't bring himself, again, to sort out the failing lights in his section. He couldn't go and buy new bulbs or even feel confident that it was new bulbs that were needed.
Steve sorted it a bit for him.
All he does is sit or wander about, making his faces and his noises.
I feel embarrassed that others see him like this.
Maybe that sounds much worse than it really is....probably few are aware of his ways. But I am so very aware.
He can't tell me why he has a section in the shop - except that he does because I do.
I wish I knew what the memory/dementia specialist might be able to do to help. Others tell me there is medication that could make him so much better.
Perhaps I should wait until I know before I push the decision on him.
But I am impatient. Today has felt uncomfortable for me.
I want to do what is best for Bill......but also what is best for me.
I think that maybe we should tell Steve that Bill will leave at the end of the year.......time enough to organise a half price sale before Christmas to clear some of the things he has bought for the area.
He has little that is good really. With a memory stuck somewhere way in the past he only wants to pay prices of the past.
When I buy something for £10, he almost splutters with indignation that I can fritter away a week's wages on trivia that nobody would give me  a profit for.
He told me not to pay £30 for the high chair.......I am so glad I ignored that advice.
So Bill ends up buying low grade modern model cars which are not really wanted. He is then unhappy that he sells so little these days.
Sales have been pretty good today, too.
I sold 25 glasses for sherry or port to one woman. She would be responsible for supplying drinks to a local hunt before they set off. She didn't want the best quality, fearing that some glasses might get dropped by riders in their excitement.
I sold a book I had only put on the shelf a couple of hours before.
Steve sold yet another old gramophone - not one with  a big horn today. Though one of those did sell on Saturday.
The journey back from Dorking was a bit fraught - it took an hour instead of the usual 25 minutes.
Local traffic reports told of an overturned vehicle ahead.....creating the long slow queue.
I hope the occupant/s walked away. We didn't see.
I advised Bill to turn off - though he hadn't a clue where we were going.
We seemed not to be the only people, though, on the route I had selected.
Bill does drive quite well......but I am having to persuade him to keep reasonably to the speed limit and of course I have to tell him what to do at many of the junctions.
Advising him that he shouldn't drive will be even more fraught than advising him to leave the shop.

Tomorrow I will start to sort episode at a time and create blogs about each during the next days.
Our first excursion was to Northumberlandia......The Woman of the North.
Here is a picture which obviously I could not have taken myself.

The white lines are all footpaths.
She is 400 metres long.
A wonderfully creative and imaginative venture, which was completed last year.