Sunday, October 27, 2013


Storm is a comin' oh yeah!

Strange day really with some torrential rain showers and a beautiful rainbow.

I was up reasonably early and did the ironing.

After breakfast we set off on what we hoped would be another fun day out.
This time it wasn't so good.
We went to a vintage rummage sale......basically an indoor table top sale of vintage items. It wasn't as good as the one we went to in Cuckfield.
I bought some things - including a very large enamel teapot.
The village hall at Upper Beeding is quite small and stalls were crammed in and it was crowded with stall holders and customers.
Bill didn't feel very comfortable or positive about the event - and that was understandable.
He doesn't like crowded places.
I might have stayed for a cup of tea and cake. Bill preferred the idea of finding a tea shop......but lunch time on a Sunday was not a good time.
Upper Beeding, with some lovely old cottages is by the River Adur - across the bridge lies Bramber.
No tea shops - just pubs, mostly doing Sunday lunches.
Soon we just felt happy to abandon tea and cake and go home. We had walked to the river in the village and it was very windy and we didn't feel comfortable.

So home......for a lazy afternoon.
I should have done so much. We go away on Tuesday and I am not well prepared for that. Nor I am prepared for the shop tomorrow.

So generally it has been a "flat" day with little to excite me.
I look forward to sleep and a more stimulating day tomorrow.
But not too stimulating.......I wonder just how bad the storm may be. It is quite wild wet and windy out there right now and I presume it will get worse.
There will be no trains running until at least 9 o'clock in the morning. Our own journey to Dorking might be difficult.

I was thinking about Bill....I do this a lot, of course.
I realised just where Bill's brain went for a moment when we got off the bus yesterday afternoon.
Opposite the end of our road is one called Ditchling Hill.
Named after the high point along the South Downs.
Bill saw the street name and  somehow his brain was caught between the local road and the South Downs.
The result was that he didn't know where he was.