Friday, October 18, 2013



I should be feeling pleased with myself.
My signed Here Comes Muffin book sold well today. I sold 11 things in total and have been busy with that.
This morning I had my hair cut. I felt I wanted it to grow longer, but it had got too straggly for comfort.
Pleased with the result.
But I don't feel good.....I feel tetchy once again.
Sometimes life is hard to deal with.
It began with a constantly repeated question. Bill also had his hair cut this morning.....we have been going together or separately to the same shop for years and years.
This morning Bill couldn't go more than few minutes without asking where we had to go.
All hope and optimism drained away from me.
The frequent clapping and banging just screwed me up. "Leave me in peace" I was thinking.
The post brought me a form to fill in and get Bill to sign so that the money we have in a Fidelity portfolio can be withdrawn.
Damn it I have to arrange a temporary Power of Attorney; fortunately this one doesn't have to go through a solicitor and is only for this transaction.
So watch out....the first person we see tomorrow who we know might be asked!
Bill could just phone up and deal with the matter himself.......except he can't! He has grumbled for a couple of days about a broken tooth hurting his tongue.......but couldn't find the will to phone the dentist.
I'll have to do that for him on Monday.
I ought to stay at home tomorrow and do some house cleaning, but I feel the need to get out, whether it rains or not.
Maybe we'll go to the vintage fair at Cuckfield. It's almost free - the £1 entrance fee includes a cup of tea or coffee.
Maybe I'll think of something else.
There are parcels to be posted.