Wednesday, October 16, 2013



There is a slight problem with doing a blog posting everyday - if I feel lazy or time runs away with me, I still feel I should write something.
Wouldn't want "my public" to worry that something bad has happened - though I doubt that many are as melodramatic as me.
The day has included a jaunt to Aldi.......that very good and cheap supermarket which seems to have now found some favour generally. Certainly I like the shop - but the nearest is in East Grinstead, about 8 miles away.
I added a trip to Wetherspoons.......The Ounce and the Ivybush pub. Wonderful name.
It gave Bill some pleasure in the day.
This evening we have been babysitting our young nephews. Apart from young O dropping and smashing a glass dish of stewed apple on the floor, it all went well!
Jamie and Clare will be a little envious (or even a lot envious) that their Granny couldn't be home with them because she was at a Kate Rusby concert at The Hawth.
They might also wonder why, with Kate Rusby performing about a mile from home, we were available to babysit. Cost, dear ones! We are protecting your inheritance!
Well, time has run away with me......goodnight.