Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Getting affairs in order.

I must make things to do lists......I am so good at putting things off.
And I must not put some things off or they might never get done.
Today we went out armed with a list.
We now have 4 appointments at our GP surgery (3 for Bill and 1 for me). We will go in 2 weeks time ........on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!
They tried to do it differently but they are over stretched and I told them that it really didn't matter.
My next job was to arrange to see somebody at our bank to discuss the best way and the way that I want to be in control of things financial.
I want simplicity rather than an extra half a percent interest.
We have an online bank account and I think I should transfer the money to the local branch of bank that we are with.
Just for simplicity.
I think what I would really like is my old fashioned post office savings book that I used when I was a student!
My appointment there is next Tuesday.
I have started reading up on Power of Attorney.....I still am not sure whether Bill needs one or I need one .......or both.
I have discussed things with my half sister and she will do it and would be very happy with my idea of sharing the job with a niece (degree in law).
Both live reasonably locally.
Tomorrow I must phone a solicitor to arrange to have simple wills drawn up. We only need simple.
When I see the solicitor I can ask more about Power of Attorney.
After the business errands I took Bill for a snack in the little cafe above the hospice shop. It is very pleasant, serves little snacks at very reasonable prices.
Parcels have been posted - except the Rupert Annual; that's not paid for yet.
Of the 15 things I put on EBay yesterday, 6 already have bids. That's quite quick.

(And an hour later I can report that bids are up to 8).

Hooray for tomorrow morning!
We shall get up early on what is promised to be a very sunny morning (if not actually very warm) and we will go to Ford.
That's my world....the world of second hand, interesting and other people's junk!
I keep accounts it is true - but high finance it is not.