Sunday, September 29, 2013



Now, this evening, I feel a fraud! All that whining and complaining last night....was it necessary?
I am sure many have experienced taking a child to the doctor, who was very, very poorly only to find that suddenly they seem to be perfectly well. The parent then assumes that the doctor is judging them as neurotic and guilt sets in.
That's how it is this evening.
I have had a lovely day with Bill.
I have heard him clapping just once! (Twice now....he has gone up to bed and having a little clap to himself)
I am virtually 100% certain that he never reads my blog; but wouldn't it be wonderful if he had read it and then chose to control his behaviour to please me?
I am not that stupid! I guess it has just been a good day.
We both went out this morning to Brighton.
The stalls at Brighton Racecourse are less now than in the height of summer; but getting there early and paying more than I think is reasonable for early admittance, does add to the pleasure.
There are not too many people and the stalls have everything that has been brought to sell.
I didn't buy very much - but, as ever, I am pleased with what I have.

That was not taken today......and is not one of my photographs.
Bare arms and shorts in this picture. It was very breezy this morning - almost chilly, despite some sunshine.
The first stall we came to had hats and gloves and we bought a hat each and I bought some finger less very warm mitts.

Soon we were off down to The Marina. On the top floor of the multi storey car park is a large range of stalls on a Sunday morning.
Bill bought 4 model cars......that was pleasing. It was good to have him showing an interest.
I bought a pair of Hush Puppy boots for £4. They should see me through this winter.

And on into The West Quay for Bill's eggs benedict and my breakfast wrap.

This was the view from our table.

This afternoon I had some things finishing on EBay.
One of the items was the 1897 diary that had been kept by a ship's doctor. It had attracted loads of interest.
Ten minutes before the sale ended I told my brother it would sell for £52.
It sold for just over £115.
That was so good and begins to make the funds for the next trip to Thailand look just a little more healthy.

We had a roast dinner this evening. Yummy!

So I am feeling relaxed and happy.
But stupid has little common sense.
When brain feels down it thinks that's how it will be forever. And when brain is feeling good, it can't seem to look ahead and understand that it was just one good day.
There will be other good days of course.......but if I am depending on Bill to supply the good days, then  I am doomed to some disappointments.

But I haven't been disappointed with the good wishes I have received as a result of my outburst.
Thank you everybody.
Writing things down has long been a useful tool to me when stressed.
Thank you for reading and caring.