Saturday, September 21, 2013


Some good, some bad.

Some things good and somethings bad.
Life is like that and today certainly was.
I have felt in some distress at my permanent dentures.....I have  a mouth full of plastic and now I have sore spots. I think the teeth maybe are adding to any underlying anxiety that I feel about life at the moment. Will they be  a problem for ever?
Why not? My teeth have been causing problems for a long time now.
Against all I wanted I felt I just had to go toothless this afternoon.
And of course the few existing teeth are still capable of causing did just that today.
A filling broke off from one of the teeth onto which the bottom plate is clipped.
Next week there will be another visit to the dentist.

But I managed to put the problems to one side as I browsed at Ford. We don't like it there as much on Saturdays - Thursdays are more relaxed.
I found it hard to find things.....and when I did the sellers wanted the same amount of money that I would be wanting; it's not much good if I can make no profit out of my purchases.
Bill gave up and went and sat in the car.....carrying my small piece of furniture back for me.

I also bought the handkerchief vase on the top this morning;
and I bought 6 cups and saucers like the one featured on the left - and the West German pottery vase on the left was found at Ford this morning.

We really didn't feel like doing much after our breakfast - no walking and exploring today.
All I wanted to do was get home and get those teeth out of my mouth.

This afternoon I sorted some more photos from 2007.
One folder contained a walk (short walk) round the next village to us, Pease Pottage. I posted them on the memories of Crawley site. I enjoy the interest this generates and the extra information that comes back to me.

The diary kept by a ship's doctor in 1893 is now sold - well, it has its first bid.
This was before  got round to adding to the description; EBay don't allow changes once a bid has been made.
Thanks to both family and friends I now know the name of the ship that the good doctor sailed on.

The best good news came later in the day........number 39 has arrived. Isabel Jane is our 39th great niece/nephew; obviously Isabel is a great niece.

Right time for bed. I will attempt to drag Bill out to another car boot sale in the morning. He said he would come.......but maybe he will change his mind. That's OK.
I must go and get the dentures back in.......they can settle in a bit as I sleep and maybe won't feel so bad tomorrow.