Sunday, September 15, 2013


The weekend.

 I start with yesterday.....written yesterday evening.
Seem to have forgotten to publish it.

Another independent day for me.....I left Bill at home sleeping in bed.
I went to Dorking to do my Saturday duty day.
It was the first duty day for N, who joined the shop 2 weeks ago. His cabinet contains mostly wine related objects. He seems to have pitched things about right and has had a number of sales. Often new people take a while to establish themselves.
He is wine connoisseur. I was telling him that Steve had told of us a bargain booze type place where you can buy 2 bottles of wine for £6. N just said that it was not possible - no £3 bottle of wine could be drinkable!
At times the day seemed somewhat quiet - but looking back I can see that I did reasonably well.
Bill had been fine at home and got a few household things hanging up the laundry and vacuuming up stairs.
I think the weather will be sort of OK in the morning and Bill says he will join me in a trip to Brighton racecourse.
I wonder if can tempt to a cup of coffee somewhere different from Wetherspoons at The Marina.

Now for today......a day very much of 2 halves.
The morning was filled with pleasure and the afternoon was filled with frustration.
I persuaded Bill out of bed quite early and off we went to Brighton.
The weather was wonderful - though it was quite chilly; just 6 degrees when I first got up.
But the sky was clear blue and the countryside was beautiful, the white mists in the valleys adding to the beauty.
Such a pleasure.
I found bargains at the racecourse and it is getting to be a habit of mine to want to keep things.
I now have a 50s electric clock in the kitchen alongside my fruit and flowers rack that I bought the other week.
I need a clock in the kitchen that works.
I am having trouble with the digital clock on the cooker. I am guessing it got fiddled with. It spent days constantly flashing. I have got that to stop - but have not yet got it to tell me the correct time.
Bill won't do it.
We had breakfast, of course at the marina. The West Quay was really the Marina Triathlon had just finished; by chance we spent breakfast with officials from that event - and we have mutual friends in common.
In addition there was huge biker event and so bikers too were in the pub for breakfast.

We got home looking forward to a relaxing hour or so, but Bill noticed a screw stuck into one of the car tyres.
Thank goodness that he noticed.
He started to pull the screw out and he heard air being released so he pushed it back in.
But I am not sure that he knew what to do about it.
I phoned Kwik Fit to see what time they closed on a Sunday and found that we had a couple of hours or so before they shut.
I wondered if Bill should change the wheel and take it to them.
But we had been driving on the tyre, so decided  just to drive there and let the mechanic remove the wheel and hopefully mend the damage.
So off we went in wild, wet and windy weather........yes the promised stormy weather had taken over by this time. The blue skies of early morning had become a distant memory.
We sat around in the Kwik Fit waiting room for our car's turn to be looked at.
There was a last week's Daily Mail and I sat doing the crossword, sudoku and other puzzles.
I had to be there to help organise the paying.
These people like all your details and I noticed that Bill nervously couldn't remember our telephone number; and then having rehearsed it, he forgot the credit card number again.

Now if Bill couldn't quite manage a simple car repair alone.......and when we met he would often be mending punctures in the garage.....then I know that the computer is beyond him.
My computer is playing up. There is a tendency for it to switch itself off.
And yesterday and today I have failed to switch it on.
It had been on when we went to Kwik Fit - but off on our return.
And I pressed the switch many time and it spluttered and then died away again.
Until......success it burst into some life and has stayed on ever since.
I don't trust it.
It does seem to be a mechanical problem rather than a computer fault. But what do I know?
I asked Bill about putting photos onto discs. He found me a disc......but couldn't tell me what to do. I got hot and bothered because I didn't seem to be able to do it.Somehow the DVDs didn't seem compatible with my files. When he gave me a different make of DVD I succeeded....but only 3 of my 36 folders went onto that disc.
I talked with Clare who suggested it would be better to get an external hard drive and put everything onto that.
Actually I have vague memories of this having already been done. Bill has no such memory, If there is one I wonder where it is.
I will get the external hard drive and see if Bill's brother can help me again.
Of course I realise now I should have learned more about the actual functions of a computer. and how to manipulate them.
I can use the computer to do quite a lot - but I need a deeper knowledge than that.

So I am now feeling tense and frustrated. Deep down I feel I have the strength to cope......but feel angry that I have to.
I have to take responsibility for decision making, finances, housework, house maintenance etc.
Every widow has to do that - but I am not a widow.

Right let's sort out a cuppa and a piece of cake before bedtime and get some sleep.