Friday, September 13, 2013


We have a date .

Housework! Tiring!
The hardest bit was sorting and rearranging the wardrobe.
Shoes are now in a drawer under the bed......almost too many of them; and not a smart pair amongst them.
So hard when invited (rarely) to a smart event.
I created some shelves in the wardrobe with plastic boxes on their sides.

Frieda was around this morning. How much of her confusion is the normality of her being 92?
Probably it is a deeper brain problem.
She has told me that she has an appointment about it.
And while she was drinking tea, the postman came and delivered details of Bill's appointment at the Memory Clinic.
It is the same place that Frieda will be going.
Bill's appointment is in 3 week's time.
I am so pleased that things are moving.
The letter includes a questionnaire for me to fill in and a mass of material about a clinical research  programme that Bill could be a part of.
I haven't discussed it with him yet; but I think it would be a very good thing because his health and brain will be looked at in greater depth.
And it is good if the situation he and I find ourselves in can be used for the world at large.
He would definitely have to have an MRI scan to join the programme. I think he should have one anyway. But maybe not everybody gets one.......just a general assessment to label the problem and a discussion of the prognosis. I think it might be best if Frieda doesn't have a scan......for it wouldn't change anything for her.

The situation is frustrating. There are glimpses of normality. This evening he drove to the local shops to get a portion of chips and into another shop to buy milk. I asked if he needed me to come and he couldn't see why. He completed the task just fine.
Then as we ate I told him that Clare (I have to use the old name, Ashley) would be going to Lindisfarne tomorrow.
Is that in Wales? he asked.
Obviously he had forgotten that Clare had moved over 3 years ago.
Where does Clare live now? I asked.
Bill thought and thought and eventually told me it was the place with all the bridges - might have been prompted by a trailer on the BBC for their coverage of The Great North Run.
But then Frieda, this morning, told me that her daughter had lived up north, you know, Chichester - almost at the top of the globe.
It was York.
Two cities with beautiful large churches.

Tomorrow is my Saturday duty at the shop.
Bill doesn't have to come, but I think he will. Maybe a whole day without me is a bit daunting.
We'll see - he might opt to stay in bed.
I think my bed is calling to me now......early night needed.