Monday, September 09, 2013


Today's work at Pilgrim Antiques, Dorking.

The pram had disappeared and babies were strewn everywhere!
That was the scene that greeted me at the shop this morning.
First I gathered up the dolls and made them more comfortable.
After a cup of tea I set to work to reorganise where the twin doll's pram had been.

Now that doesn't look like too much work, does it?

I moved the 1950's domino stool to the gap where the pram had been and re-arranged a bit.

I spent the next 2 hours re-arranging - more than just the dolls of course.

The coal scuttle took pride of place on the kitchen table.

More kitchen things.

Not what you might expect of a Clarice Cliff platter.
But it is CC.
The shape is very 1930s.

I seem to have acquired novelty teapots of late. They are all well known makes and have some age to them. The cockerel is 1930s.

I spent much of the afternoon re-pricing things that I have had for too long - including most of these ornaments.

Then I was pleased with my day's work.

Sales have been fair today.......4 things for me.
Bill copes fine with single sales; I do keep an eye on things and go to help when things might be a bit more complicated.
I especially want to be alongside him when people want to sell things to us.
The weather has been poor.....wet and temperatures quite low.
But I have felt happy.