Friday, August 30, 2013


Complain, but be nice!

Lat weekend cousin Ann had a birthday...she was 85.
I am very fond of Ann and enjoy her company.
It was my birthday too.
Baby Nancy was born.
It would have been her Nannie Pam's wedding anniversary today.
There are so many birthdays about sister in law, a couple of great nephews today, a distant cousin......lots of memories and hopes on these days.
Let's go out, I suggested. Nannie Pam came too.
Cousin Ann was happy and suggested The White Hart in her village, a Beefeater pub.
Obviously a popular choice; seemingly it would have been better to book today. It was very busy.
We had to wait for a table.
We had drinks from the bar - skinflints we....3 halves of shandy and a soda and lime!
Not too long a wait at the bar, I guess.
We were escorted to our table and scanned the menus. The budget meals appealed and we ordered. I asked for a jug of tap water and that was brought.
We chatted and we waited......waited for too long.
There were occasional apologies from our waitress.
After an hour I went to talk to her and with a smile I told her that we were disappointed. Complain, Paula - but be nice.
At last our meals arrived - 2 plates of fish and chips (huge pieces of battered fish) a lasagne, chips and garlic bread and I had a spicy chicken breast with chips and salad.
I did ask about the chips.......bottomless chips". What are they?
They should have explained.........bottomless chips mean unlimited chips; if one wanted more chips it seems one only had to ask. I learned this on the internet later.
Actually I don't think any of us would have needed more.
We declined desserts - I made a point of saying we had already been out for too long.
So, we asked for the bill. I was ready to scan the bill and then discuss a discount for our disappointing wait - 10% maybe; 25% would be more acceptable.
I didn't get the chance to ask........our waitress, who was lovely and friendly returned and said there would be no charge.
We left her a good tip....enough to supply the double brandy she laughingly said she would need after that particular so hectic lunchtime session.
We returned to Ann's house for our after dinner teas and coffees and a dessert of home made Victoria sponge.
It was a lovely lunchtime and afternoon - the wait which, whilst disappointing, didn't hinder us too much; lots to talk about.
good company.
A good meal, which we didn't pay for.