Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Baby pictures.

 A day of rest - very much so for B.
He chooses not to get up until about half past ten, has breakfast and then dozes. Just 12 hours later he wants to go to bed again.
Tomorrow will be different - must get out to Ford and probably Littlehampton.

We did go out this afternoon to see his sister, Pam.
She asked us to go over when the new baby, Nancy would be there.
I had a cuddle and pictures were taken. There must be hundreds of pictures already of this wee 5 day old.

And back to sleep with Nannie Pam.

Just a baby to you........but a lovely one to add to our family tree.
She is great niece/nephew number 38.
I give you due warning that number 39 will be with us within a month!