Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Walk to the chattri. Brighton/

I abandoned the list of things to do and we took ourselves off for a picnic.
It was such a lovely day.
I had not heard of the chattri at Brighton before this year and I resolved to visit it.
We parked the car just off the A27 - a noisy spot with all that traffic whizzing by.
But we soon found peace.

With a glimpse of Patcham windmill, the views were immediately rural.

Walking away from Brighton.

Out onto the gentle South Downs - golden at this time of year.

This large bull had been sitting across the footpath.
No - we didn't shoo him away!
But he didn't like being stared at and moved off a little way.

I feel so sorry for this butterfly - fancy being that beautiful and called "common"

There were hundreds of common blues out today.

But I felt lucky to get a good shot for they didn't stay still for long.
Point, click and hope was my only method.

Thistle down seeds.

The chattri.
Over 1 million men from the Indian sub continent joined our forces in WW1.
Many must have died in battle. Others were wounded and shipped back to the UK hospitals. One such hospital ward was set up in The Royal Pavilion in Brighton.
Some of the patients died and the bodies of the men were brought to this spot on The Downs for cremation.
After the war a permanent memorial was built there......known as the chattri, which is the Hindi word for umbrella.

There were some seats and we enjoyed our picnic with this as our view. The poppies had been lain there in June, when the annual service of remembrance is held.

I assume the flowers had been left there by the family of a more recently lost soldier.
The label said "Dad".

I would have liked to stay longer - but at this point I was affected by a wee problem, which I could only deal with at the car.

So, we paused briefly to think of the men who had died so far from home.

And then we strode back towards Brighton.....well, to our parked car.

Having dealt with my problem I really wanted a calming cup of tea.
Maybe we could go into Patcham village?
Or Lewes?
Yes - Lewes........but then did I want a bustling town?
Oh, I was unsettled!
We stopped at Offham farm shop. I must point out that Sussex people pronounce this village Oafum.
It is a farm shop mostly devoted to butchery, from their prize winning animals.

The cup of tea was most therapeutic - thanks to the butcher who served it to us.
On the way out we enjoyed some communication with animals.

Just 4 of the 17 piglets.
I loved the way mother pig got up and barred the door to the pen - making sure I couldn't open it and steal one of her precious babies.