Sunday, August 11, 2013


Worthing Birdman Festival.

Today was Worthing Birdman day......well, a whole weekend actually.
It was a long day for us.
We began in Shoreham at a car boot sale under the South Downs. Pleasant - but not much that we wanted to buy.
We thought we might get some food in Shoreham - but one way streets, a road closed, rain falling and it being Sunday morning made it difficult to sort it out.
So, we went straight to Worthing.
We breakfasted, for ease, at the Wetherspoon's pub.
Then we wandered onto the pier - much of it was shut off, to allow for preparations for Day 2 of the birdman competition/festival.
The beach and promenade were already thronging with people - and still well over an hour before the events started.
Bill and I had been there once before and we had found that, by buying a drink at The Denton Lounge on the land end of the pier, we could claim a table and chairs to wile away the time of waiting.
The first "fliers" were the charity/fun people who basically ran off the end of the platform and plummeted down into the sea.
Later came the more serious attempts at flying......but weather conditions were against them today. Windy!
There were lots of interesting stalls on the sea front.
Here is a selection of today's photos.

 The deckchairs were in a large sand pit in The High Street.

There is art work all along the pier.

A bride and groom prepare for their big moment.

There they go!

Penguins were flying later.


Thank goodness for kindles and sudoku books.

A serious flyer.
This was yesterday's record flight, when a distance of 106 metres was covered.

We were entertained by jet ski acrobatics.

This fellow was like a dancer as he flew above the water.

There was a pause in the proceedings when the wind got stronger and could have made flying risky.
We decided to walk along the east promenade and see the stalls, the beach and the art.

Licorice coils.
I bought some salt licorice and Bill bought some licorice bombs.

There was lots of food. We enjoyed sampling morsels of all manner and flavours of cheese. I bought some beetroot and horseradish chutney from the cheese stall.

Wooden rings.

My grand daughter persuaded me to buy her 2 rings.
Clare bought 3.

Not more jewellery, but fizzy ropes to eat.

There has been natural planting on the beach.

There are beach cabins along the beach, used as studios or arts and crafts shops.

A little cabin art shop.

A hand painted deck chair.

The beach, looking east - towards Brighton.

Lots of lovely architecture within Worthing - including this art deco block of flats.

We had lots of fun - so a bit of fun to finish with.