Friday, August 02, 2013


Avebury Manor

A Family Trip to Avebury.

We began in Avebury Manor. We had booked in advance - this must be done and each booking is given a time to arrive.
We began our fun at 2.30.
Avebury is a National Trust property with a plenty of opportunity for exploration of the way people used to live and a chance to imagine living as the previous residents would have done.
The more you are prepared to do, then the more fun you will have.
I took lots of photographs of members of the family thoroughly entering into the spirit of things.
Rather too many for me to post each one here.
I have posted them all on Flickr and hope you will enjoy having a look.
Maybe it will encourage you to enjoy a trip there, too. One niece of mine has already said she would like to take her boys there.

Oh what fun we had! I hope you can feel our fun even though there are not many written details.

We also had a look at the Avebury garden and enjoyed a cup of tea, before walking round some of the prehistoric standing stones that Avebury is also famous for.

Onions in the very neat and well tended kitchen garden.

Our tea table was ready and I called people in.

Back out into the garden after tea.

Then out to the prehistoric stone circle.
We felt we were being greeted by this stone - the head of an animal!

 Stones are for climbing on.