Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Tuesday, day of rest.

They say it rained for about ten minutes during the night.
I didn't notice.
I am happy to say that I slept through it and slept through about 10 hours of time.
I needed that.
And I needed a rest day.
Virtually no work done today.
We went out to lunch......a chance to meet up with a couple of Bill's sisters who have been in and out of the country over the last few weeks.
One got back from France on Sunday and is off to Switzerland on Friday.
I suggested that the town centre pub we "found" last Tuesday would be ideal. Happily they were all pleased with it too.
The food was good and we were well looked after.
We sat and talked about the happenings of this summer for nearly 3 hours.
It gave me a chance to explain about Clare - beyond the basic facts.
Bill and I pottered through the town and caught the bus home - we had walked down.
And that has been it.

I thought that William and Kate looked relaxed and in control as they appeared to the waiting press and onlookers with the baby. What very abnormal circumstances for them.
Yesterday I had a thought about them just moments before the birth was announced. I had hoped that the labour had not been too long and that the baby was already born. I was hoping that the royal couple had decided that they wanted a while with only themselves knowing. Turns out that was how it was.
Now to know the name of a future king......a king that I will not live to see enthroned.
This couple seem determined to be in control whilst also behaving as the royal family and us would expect of them.
Do they have to give the boy a royal name?
Lots of names have been thrown around the facebook postings. Surely King Spencer wouldn't be right?

Another early night for me followed by a day of housework, preparing for the arrival of C and Ecky on Thursday.
The following couple of weeks will be a normal holiday time with trips out, car boot sales, photos etc.
I think C will enjoy a break from the almost constant thoughts of how life will evolve.