Sunday, July 21, 2013


Sunshine at The Gate

We went to two car boot sales this morning.
The first was pleasant - but I didn't find much to buy.
The other, near Rusper, is one I probably wouldn't bother with again.
Both were unlike the car boot sale at Ford, which is well known for attracting many antiques dealers - so there is always lots to see that might tempt me to buy.
Today's sales attracted people emptying their cupboards and wardrobes - masses of clothes, DVDs, last year's fashionable household goods and so on.
Next week when Clare and our grand daughter arrive there will, no doubt, be more looking at clothes.
But not at Rusper.
The sellers get themselves set up first and all the buyers go in at the same time - which means it is a mad frenzy of people trying to get to the stalls.
Just too crowded.
But I did buy a cupboard at Rusper....a painted white cupboard in the Lloyd Loom style. We left it in the car so that I can get it into the shop straight away.
I'll photograph it there.

The sun was shining well as browsed the stalls.
Time for a drink.
We called in at The Gate on the way home.

We had thought of having a packet of crisps with our half pints.
But saw that toasted sandwiches were available at a good price.
Very glad we changed our minds - probably the best toasted ham and tomato sandwich in the world!

We were not alone in needing drink.
Other customers drank outdoors.

And now for a picture that had my cousins feeling a bit spooked!
I hadn't seen it at first - but yes, the gentleman in the carriage looks like their Dad, my Uncle Bill.

And here is another satisfied customer.

This afternoon there has been dozing - by Bill and me.
I kept half an eye on the golf. Shame there wasn't a British win.
This evening I enjoyed the last stage of Le Tour de France.
Brilliantly staged in the twilight of Paris and the son et lumiere show on the Arc de Triomphe was amazingly impressive.
And - a British winner; well one with British ancestors. Chris Froome, himself was born and raised in Africa.
And there was a British win in the cricket too.