Thursday, July 11, 2013


A visit to Petworth was part of the day.

It was a little bit chilly this morning when we arrived at the car boot sale at Ford.
I loaded up the trolley with all sorts of odds and ends. Tomorrow I will, hopefully get them ready for the antiques centre.
I have some lovely 1930s hair decorations - tortoiseshell (or more likely an early resin product), beautifully shaped and one set with diamante.
By the time we left, the clouds had been dispersed by the sunshine and all was warm again.
I persuaded my man that we should break with the routine of going to Littlehampton for breakfast. I wanted a little variety to spice life up.
We went to Petworth - which should be a dream place for us, with 35 antiques shops.
But they are all smart shops - very friendly I am sure, but would not have things we could afford to buy for ourselves or afford to buy and sell on.
There was one antiques centre that we found - but generally I felt their prices were double what we would be charging in Pilgrims.
Nevertheless it is a lovely small town and a joy to walk round with eyes open and cameras at the ready.
But first we had breakfast in Tiffins.
Like the antiques prices, it was double what we would normally pay, but good for a lovely experience and excellent food.
We sat in the window with a a window display, which perhaps reflected The Festival of Speed at Goodwoood, not far away.

Soon after these other tables were occupied. I like the multi coloured pastel paint look,

This was the view from my seat.

Then we strolled about.

Lots of flowers to enjoy.

Sweetly perfumed pink roses.

In an antiques shop window.

The Old School.

This is part of the building of Spriggs the Florist.
It looked lovely outside with flowers everywhere.
Wish we had gone in now - for I have since read that it is more than a flower shop; there is fine pottery and sculptures and knick knacks from the more tasteful side of that category.
I think it would have been beautiful.
As you see flowers were growing on the bare walls.

We drove home via the village of Kirdford; I had been prepared to stop and explore for a while.
But sorry, Kirdford we saw little to persuade us to do that.

This afternoon has been a lazy time. And after our huge breakfast we had no need of a cooked meal.
I am weary. I didn't sleep well last night.
The pain in my shoulder which I first noticed on Monday morning has spread up my neck and gives me quite disturbing burning pains in the muscles.
Bother it.