Thursday, July 04, 2013


Thursday - new life and old life.

Ford.....the car boot sale.
Lots of interesting stalls today - dealers I hadn't seen before. Good.
I bought quite  a lot.
I bought a G Plan nest of tables - teak, 1960s.
G Plan is "in" just now.
In fact I hadn't gone far with them balanced on my shopping trolley when I was stopped and asked if I wanted to sell them.
He wanted then for his wife.....he said.
We discussed price. I offered them to him quite cheaply, I thought. But obviously more than he wanted to pay - more than he could make a good profit from, perhaps.
He was then telling me about other G Plan stuff and the sort of prices it is fetching - which has prompted me to price the tables up at more than I quoted to the man.
I have checked out prices being asked on EBay and over £100 is the most normal.

We were almost present as a baby was being born.
One seller, Steve, we have got to know, and his daughter had gone into labour overnight. Things had not gone as planned and she was having a Caesarian as we spoke. Steve was clutching his phone, waiting for news of the birth of his grandson.

We bought lots of fruit - strawberries (will have some in for supper before bed), cherries, flat peaches and apricots.

Then to Littlehampton - breakfast and a walk.
We had quite a chat with old John in the pub. He's 85. When he first began going into The George, 19 oldish blokes sat round a there are only 2 left.
He's always up for a chat.
He told us a little of his war experiences.....Armed Forces day having just been celebrated.
He was awarded a medal - don't know exactly what he had done.
But he told us 44 of his navy comrades were lost within 5 minutes in The Ionian Sea.

Home for tennis and a trip out to the hairdressers.
Rob was as chatty as ever.
His partner is seriously ill and they know that time is running out - cancer spreading everywhere.
But Jude seems to be finding more will to do things as the time ebbs away.
My hair cuts take ages as he talks and today he showed me lots of family photos.

Back for the tennis - best match of the tournament this afternoon, maybe. Pleased with the result. The young German girl who has progressed through to the final is special.
Managed to get most of my purchases written up as the game progressed.

And now a picture - just because I love it.

It is dated 1923.
It is the town end of our road.
The level crossing gates are shut and you can just glimpse the back of  a steam engine.It's a very lively post card - lots going on.
The garage took over the cinema building.......but in the last months it has shut.

There should be pictures from me tomorrow.
I really want to see those amazing poppy scenes that I shared with you the other day - a friend's little video.
So we are off to The South Downs near Newhaven in the sunshine.