Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Thoughts on the day.

Today felt a bit strange.
We have been to Outwood - which we have visited before.
In fact the first time I was there would have been well over 50 years ago. The pub there was a meeting point for my friend, Diana's parents and her aunts and uncles and cousins.
So there were evenings playing around outside the pub with a lemonade and packet of crisps. It's quite hard to think that Di's teenage cousin, who I fancied so much would now be over 70. I think he went into the church.

The next visit that I recall was when I took my class of 6/7 years olds to the mill.
We bought flour ground at the mill and took it back to school to make bread. We had grown mustard and cress in polystyrene trays and we made butter by shaking and shaking milk in jam jars.
Everybody had a taste.

The most recent time we visited was late January 2008.
I remember it well, because it was my first proper trip out after major surgery and complications. It was nearly 3 months after the operation and I still felt very fragile.
We didn't walk very far.
But it was so good for me.
As we drove along the lanes to Outwood this morning, some of that fragility filled my mind. I felt almost like I did back then. And in one of those serendipity moments, The Carpenters "Yesterday Once More" was playing on the radio.
It must have been the same sort of moment that created the conditions for one of the ongoing complications from that surgery to occur today!
The problems don't happen very often these days....and these days I refuse to allow it to be too much of a hindrance.
I knew I had to get back home quite quickly - but not before  my half pint had been drunk.

And now for somebody else's walk.
It is so beautiful.
My friend, Paula - the one who I have not yet met, put pictures on facebook recently of poppies on the South Downs.
This panoramic video is now on You Tube.