Saturday, June 29, 2013


Crawley Folk and Beer Festival

We spent the afternoon at Crawley Folk Festival.....haven't got the stamina these days for longer.
Next year we should arrive early, when there is still space to park the car and have chairs with us.
It was lunch time and we decided to get food and drink first.
There was a "busking" stage in the beer tent......local talents were able to book a spot and perform.

So many to choose from. I had 2 half pints during the Arundel ale and a very dark one called Mary's Ruby Mild.
Bill had cider - a strong one called Wobbling Munk (well, he had to didn't he?) and later a Devon Red, which I tasted and thought was quite lovely.
We then enjoyed lots of music, lots of dancing and singing and lots of people.
Lots of photos and lots of fun.

The Wild Hunt Morris Dancers who blend North European myth and Old English folk traditions.
Very pagan!

I needed to sit down and the Rampant Rooster Morris Dancer helped me up to watch.

Appalachian clog dancers - from Charlwood.

Touchstone - a Sussex band, who have played the Crawley Festival for 22 years.
She has a voice somewhat in the style of Maddy Prior of Steeleye Span.
Well worth finding on YouTube.

Plants for sale.....every kind of thyme known to man, plus lots lots more.

Hats for sale.
He looks so good in a hat - wish he would wear one.

Young girls loved the garlands and they looked so good in them.

I looked just  a bit silly........

Hair needs some attention and you can hardly see the garland.

But my son liked the picture....brings out the young side in me, he said.

Little girl loved her garland.

She loved to lead the dance too.

Seems we were not the only ones feeling exhausted!
The warm sunshine was great and the beer was great....maybe the two combined encouraged sleep.