Thursday, June 27, 2013


the garden and a pub....George and Dragon, Houghton.

There has been a little rain this evening - but not enough to dampen the spirits of Sussex kids competing in the Under 13s League.
I doubt that it was enough either for the new plants in the garden.

I bought some more plants this morning - 6 at 50p each and a couple of slightly more expensive ones.
I must find space or pots tomorrow.
Car boot sales are always good places to buy plants.
I bought other things of course, but looking at all now, strewn across the dining room table, I am not sure that any of it really excites me.
After the car boot sale we went to Littlehampton for food and a walk.
But that wasn't enough - Bill is getting accustomed to treats!
We stopped at The George and Dragon in Houghton, a village on the side of Bury Hill.
I have always been attracted by this pub, but have never stopped there before.

The hanging baskets always look superb.
It is a smart pub when it comes to eating.....well, prices are a little above what we normally choose to pay.
Oh, and it seems that Nigel Farrage is a regular.

We took our half pints out to the balcony overlooking the garden and the view across the Arun Valley to Bury.

I suspect Charles II partook of a good deal more ale than I did.

And this evening we were at the Horsham track.
It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated not being chief - so much more relaxing.
Afterwards we returned to an activity that started the day - bargain hunting.
If you catch it right in Tescosclose to the track, there are bargains to be had. I began with turkey fillets (6 for £1.20)  and some garlic sausage for 13p.
In the green grocery department we I did even better.
I picked up a bag of crunchy radishes for 1p. That's the same price as I paid for a pack of egg noodles, which I will stir fry in the morning for breakfast.You have to be there at final reduction time and just before they decide to throw away unsold items.