Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Plant buying trip

This morning we were working out in the garden.
I wanted to tidy up the back yard - or shall we call it a patio? I wanted to clear out all the pots that once had plants in; actually they mostly still had plants in - weeds and moss!
Bill was out with the car doing a small job - fortunately it was no more than renewing bulbs.
We had had a strange experience on Sunday. A car pulled up alongside us as we waited o pull out onto a roundabout. The driver - tattooed and slightly rough looking gestured to me.
"Oh hell, what does he think we have done?"
"Open the window" he  mouthed.
What a kind person he proved to be. He wanted to let us know that the brake lights were not working. Bill was worried that there was a major electrical fault as both brake lights had failed at the same time.
But new bulbs solved the problem.
We both went out in the front garden. Bill had the shears to cut back a bush that tends to grow over he front path.
I did too much bending and stretching. It was time to pull out most of the dead forget me nots and also the buttercups.
How strange that last week I was thrilled by carpets of buttercups and today I just saw weeds.
After a light lunch we went to a favourite garden centre.....a plants place, rather than a gift shop and tea rooms.
It is in Betchworth, not far from Dorking.
We got our plants and then called in at the pub in the village for half a pint. We then took a brief walk.
Betchworth pictures to follow.
After hard work this morning, we enjoyed a happy gentle afternoon.

Here are most of the plants we bought.
There are three lupins amongst them of different colours.
And here are plants already flourishing in our back garden - the delphiniums.

I expect I will take more garden picture tomorrow, once all the new plants are in their pots.