Friday, June 21, 2013



There should have been pictured for you blog readers.....but time and exhaustion have caught up with me; mostly the latter.
We. had decided on a short walk.
it wasn't very short.
We parked in Rusper and started off on a stretch of the Sussex Border Path. I don't think many people use that bit of it.
We walked through buttercup fields and woods.....steep sided woods down to a tiny stream. The plan had been to leave The SB path and turn left onto other footpaths which would take us back to the village.
We found no trace of another footpath.
But we did have a nasty experience......another fall.
Actually it was not so bad in the end for Bill. But climbing up from a footbridge across the stream, where it was steep and muddy, he slipped and hurtled backwards.
Honestly if he had not grabbed a bridge post he would have continued to fall back and down and his head would have crashed into the rocky stream below.
As luck would have it we were with a woman walking her dog, Buddy, and she stopped to help. She and I got very muddy!
She helped Bill to his feet.
He felt OK....perhaps unaware of just how nasty the fall could have been.
We continued on our way....hoping soon to turn onto the path back to the village.
But on and on we walked. We had a map with us....I knew where we were going. I had not wanted to reach the road.......but we did. We were gazing longingly at The Royal Oak on this road, but out of the way pubs do not stay open all afternoon.
The map got us back to Rusper....again using rarely used paths and an abundance of overgrown stiles.
We are getting too old for so many stiles which were difficult to get over.
We began to feel weary....but not too frustrated.
And of course in Rusper the pub was open....mind, you by that time we were into the early evening.
We were glad of chairs and a beer.