Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Bad results and a book launch.

Not happy with this morning's results.
Not at all happy.
I had a routine appointment with Dr O.
I asked if Bill's blood tests results were back. He could only answer that when I got Bill in the room with us.
Yes, he had the results and it was not what I wanted to hear.
Bill has no abnormalities of the thyroid gland.
I wanted that to be his illness and it all seemed to fit. I guess Dr O wanted that too.
Well, if it's not that, it is something else.
There is the possibility that it is nothing worse than extreme normal symptoms of old age.
We have been left to  monitor the situation for a while.
I could have kicked something or wept.
I had so planned that the situation was going to be solved.
I think Bill felt bad too....but he couldn't express that. "I shall just have to try and do things" he said.
If only!

This afternoon we had plans....that was good. Something to keep our mind off things.
We went to a book launch at Crawley library.
The book being launched was the first from a 4 year project about the population of Crawley. This first was a record of various people's memories....people who were here before the New Town.
That, of course, includes Bill and me.
It is the sort of thing we ought to have got involved with.......but that word "ought" still rankles with me. Once I feel expectations of what I ought to be, I turn away and look for other personal challenges.
But it was an afternoon out.
And I enjoyed it very much.
We met old friends and new friends......some from my school days and others from the memories of Crawley site.
After hearing a little about the project it was time to socialise over a large glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry, tea and cakes.
So much chatting.
Very pleasant.
We bought the little book of course.