Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Grandchildren's Thailand School

Holidays have to be over and life must drift back to reality.
Our holiday was not complete, but for the family thoughts had to turn to the forthcoming week.
New school uniform was needed.......children keep on growing.
The expensive school shirts had to be bought and then taken to the specified needlewoman for the names to be embroidered on them.
The school is a private school and as such is a private business......and money comes in from many quarters other than the paying parents.
Some schools in the UK specify particular retailers for uniform and get a fee for the trade. Such schools would frown upon the much cheaper alternative from Tescos. It is the same in Thailand.
But to be a successful business person in the school world, then the education supplied has to be good - good enough to encourage parents, year after year to hand over their hard earned money.
I have looked around my grandchildren's school and have liked what I saw.
I have attended the morning assembly too.
I have thought that some of the learning is rather repetitive and lacking in the freedom to explore imagination....but it works. The children learn and work hard.
One of the latest schemes at the school to attract new parents is a brand new building.
It is not very far from the family home.
Now wonderful architecture alone does not ensure a wonderful education, but they have a building to be proud of and many interesting features to please and stimulate the eyes.
Shame that good vehicle access was not planned for and there is not enough parking.....all children arrive by car. Many come from several miles away.
But here are pictures of the impressive building -  a few days before term started.

There are cafes too.

I think we could all feel proud of working in such a school.
I know our 8 year old is.
Our grand daughter is becoming adolescent and might have to be prompted to say she felt proud of school!