Sunday, June 09, 2013


Brighton....A walk on a sunny afternoon.

The sun was shining and it was hot as we strolled in Brighton.
I love Brighton,,,,,,so much more than the sea and shops.
So many interesting people and places.
We had parked at The Marina. There is always room there and it is free. Being well into retirement we are fortunate to have bus passes, so from there we can go anywhere in Brighton at no expense. If you are younger then it would be a very much cheaper way of getting to the centre than parking in somewhere like Churchill Square.Sorry Brighton Council......but those charges are exhorbitant!
We often just relax at The Marina, but on this occasion we climbed aboard our bus, named Fred Perry.......yes, they all carry the names of famous Brighton residents. Think I could become a nerdy bus spotter and then learn about the lives of the Brighton celebrities.
But today we had Fred Perry.....and I know about him.
Will his name ever be forgotten.....will we ever be able to say that no British man has won Wimbledon since Fred Perry?
We reached The Old Steine (fascinating name) and made our way to the chosen eating place.....The Post and Telegraph in North Street.

Lots of other eating places we could have chosen. We could have sat and enjoyed views towards the Royal Pavilion.
But my man likes familiarity and the Post and Telegraph is one of the Wetherspoon's chain - one we had not visited before.

It was built in the early 1920s as a bank. It is a listed building.

The tables are arranged on two floors with a mezzanine area in the sunny window.
That picture on the wall on the right is looking weird.
I can assure you is a portrait of The Prince Regent.

 This woman, with an air of past elegance, sat in the window with her bargain afternoon deal fish and chips.

I am trying to imagine her life......her parents, her youth, her lovers. Where has she been? What has she seen?

Could be  a novel there!

We wandered round the corner into Bond Street, part of the North Laines.
A laine is a Sussex dialect word for an open tract of land.

It is now an area which attracts the more Bohemian young people of the town......or rather, it did.
I think it has become  a place for people seeking to have some of the Bohemian quirkiness rub off on them. I saw more tourists that hippies!
And I guess we were being tourists too.

Shops are interesting - but not cheap any more.
These shoes were made with love.
I didn't ask the price.

So many famous stage performers have been in and out of that door.
No doubt many fans have waited avidly outside it.

On a street corner.

Some of the little back streets have become smart.

Brighthemlston(e) - the old name for Brighton.

The Royal Pavilion. Seaside palace for George IV.

I don't know what these are for. I am hoping they are just for fun.
Towns who do things to enhance fun are to be much admired.

Lazing on a sunny afternoon.

Blood orange that famous Italian isle of Wight ice cream maker Minghella.

Steve Ovett.....Olympic athlete and world record holder in his day.
He still holds the schoolboys record at the Sussex Schools 1970.
Certainly not beaten yesterday at the same champs.
Maybe that one will never be beaten.

Madeira Drive......the eastern sea front of the town.

On Facebook I called it "Boat".
My son responded..."No it's not; it's a giant's clog, which he lost when the leather strap broke."

Made me laugh out loud!

Bike, beach and a glimpse of the railway track for Volk's Railway.

Huts, rails and beach.....and blue, blue sky.