Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Things medical.

We seem to be on the medical wagon once again.....appointment after appointment.
The first priority was for Bill to have blood taken for testing.
I have done more reading today about his problems.....there is a very definite link between rheumatoid arthritis and under active thyroid - both the same sort of auto immune attack.
The more reading I do the easier it is to understand the thoughts in Dr O's head.
So, that was this morning.
At "tooth 'urty" we were with the dentist.
I went in first. I thought it would be impression and a new upper denture.
But no, not simple.
He attacked my few remaining lower teeth and there was a lot of bleeding. He was checking their strength because his plan is to provide me with a lower denture that will be fitted to the remaining teeth.
They are not strong......but good enough.
He thinks it best to have an ordinary resin type of denture because as and when the front teeth have to be removed replacements can be fitted easily to it.
Oh dear! I had not thought about lower dentures or losing those few front bottom teeth.
He can't really see them lasting more than 2 or 3 years.
Oh well, take life as it comes. What will be, will be.
Bill had teeth repaired. He had feared that they had become too damaged to fix......but these teeth can fight another day. Just don't eat toffees Bill!
That applies to me too.....maybe I shall have to modify my diet and allow only very soft mungy things to pass between my teeth.
I return in 10 days for impressions to be made - I think we start with the top denture.

After our treatment we decided to take a short walk.
When did we last walk near Ifield Water Mill?
It was there when I was a child.....ruined and abandoned.
I don't remember being there with parents....surely we were shown the old mill?
The sun was shining and we enjoyed a walk in this little pocket of calm and beauty amongst the New Town developments.

Pictures follow in the next posting. Scroll down.