Friday, May 31, 2013


Bang Mud restaurant.

We went to the oh so attractively named Bang Mud!
Off the east coast of Phuket are  a number of restaurants....floating restaurants.
Long tail boats take diners to and from - you pay nothing for that ride.
We, however, wanted the boat for longer. After lunch we went on to a local small island.....but payment was not too much.
I'll deal with the island pictures another time.
Today we'll stay at Bang Mud. Bah! Can't remember what it means.

We climbed aboard our long tail boat and set off across the bay.

He sits and surveys to make sure all his family are safe....the young and the old.
That's my son.
But when I saw the thumb nail picture I couldn't be sure who it was......father or son?
People say they are very alike and this picture proves it.

I love being on long tail boats.....once I am safely sat down!

Our lunch venue.

My daughter in law serves out the rice.
We had plain rice and lots of different dishes of other food.

Looking over the water to Phuket.

Waiting long tail boat.
This is the front of the boat.....the tail is at the other end.
The propeller is on a long pole from the back of the boat.

Oh she is a poser!

Next time we will go further out in the bay....Phang Nga Bay to our little island.