Tuesday, May 28, 2013


News and things

Warning:.......Lots for you to look at!
I have done 3 blog postings. I have done another Thailand report and also a report from a family party. Very few people will be interested in the party; but my brother will be glad to see the pictures no doubt.

And now just a few words about life.
"Life"......"don't talk to me about life!"
Well, my life today and tomorrow, too are not at all as planned. The plan had been to catch up with some housework and rest a bit.
This morning Jo rang from the shop, wondering if I could go in today.
One of her normal Tuesday colleagues had suffered a fall this morning and was in hospital waiting to be checked out. It was more than just a fall......having fallen he scrambled up a bit and then collapsed.
So, the checking out has been very thorough.
I got myself ready to go and the phone rang again.
This time it was Terry at the shop......wondering if I had picked up the message about doing her duty at the shop tomorrow.
I hadn't ......just too many hours out of the house over the last 3 days.
Terry explained that there was a danger that the shop might not be able to open tomorrow....for Steve couldn't get there either.
Bill and I owe both of them a day....they did one of our Mondays whilst we were in Thailand.
So we will be off in the morning to the shop again.

And talking of life.....here is an image of a new life.
It seems that, if you pay, parents can get 3D scans of their unborn child.
We are expecting a great niece on or about my birthday, late August.
Her parents, our nephew and his partner had just such a scan done today and naturally are thrilled to bits with the image.