Thursday, May 23, 2013


Koh Tachai,

Before I begin to tell you of our own day on Paradise Island....Koh Tachai, I must direct you to Jamie's account of the day.
His pictures are wonderful.
The young family did their own thing - mostly in the water.
Why on earth didn't I have my swimming things with me? That was a very silly mistake.
But Bill is not a swimmer.....and I guess that I felt I should be with him.
Jamie's blog.........

So, there we were....still wet through from the storm and with an island to explore.
White sand and turquoise sea....what more did we need to look at? When again will we see such a tropical island paradise?
The colours have not been altered or enhanced.

Still wet through from the rain.....
why, oh why did I not just take my dress off and play in the water anyway?

The green interior.

Koh Tachai is unhinabited.
Each day about 20 speedboats take visitors.
But it is not too crowded.....and we were amongst the last to leave, which was lovely.
Koh is the Thai for island.

That's the little flat bottomed boat that would take us out to the speed boat.

Tommy, our group leader seemed to be modelled on Bob Marley.
And Bob Marley is a hero of John's.
Tommy wandered up and down the beach with a plastic guitar and soon, John had persuaded Tommy to hand it over.
John plays really well.