Monday, May 20, 2013


Khao Lak. Nang Thong Resort.

We spent 4 nights at Khao Lak.......a small seaside resort on the west coast of mainland Thailand; not actually very far from Phuket.
We all liked it so much that we decided to return during the next week.
Our hotel was superb. Mam and I couldn't stop grinning - we hadn't stayed anywhere so good before.
It was an ideal spot to just relax; but, of course we also had trips out.
Welcome to our hotel home.

The Nang Thong resort consisted of accommodation in apartments and bungalows, linked by footpaths amongst beautiful grounds.

We didn't have a beach front bungalow......naturally trying to keep costs down!
In low season (which this was) our room and superb bathroom cost £15 a night.

Bill enjoyed a rest on the comfortable bed.
I went for a walk - the beach was perhaps 50 yards away.

Son and grand children, already in the pool.

A little later, we gathered together in the hotel restaurant to enjoy a drink and the sunset.

My grand daughter at sunset.


I tried a similar pose.

I look  like some hearty pirate!

Yes - our table was right by the beach.
Here are a few pictures from the table - breakfast the next morning.

My tomato and onion omelette.

Very happy to be at Nang Thong.

There will be more from the hotel, the beach and the sunsets.