Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Bang Riang in Phang Nga Province.

The mainland of Thailand - just over The Sarasin Bridge - is quite an attraction for me.
It is more peaceful than much of Phuket. There is just so much more space......so much more green; people are gently working on the land. The towns bustle a bit, of course, but no tourists pack into the shopping malls; though Tesco Lotus has reached these parts.
We were driving in Phang Nga Province (Pang Nah).
We arrived at a remote and beautiful temple at Bang Riang. I think we were the only non Thai people there on that day.
It was beautiful there up in the hills.

After driving up and up, we had to walk the last bit. "Come on, you old folks!"

Don't know what this animal is, it was in a tree just below us.

Like most religious beliefs, Buddhism is based on the values of love and truth and peace.
And, as with most other faiths and sects, there is an increasing awareness that the hierachy of the religion isn't always well enough focussed on those values.
There can be greed, lack of wisdom and downright evil amongst some of those who should be passing on high ideals.
But my experience suggests that the majority of Buddhist monks are doing the best they can - just as religious leaders worldwide are.

Grandson J looks so small amongst the imagery and statuary.

Meanwhile, grandaughter J and I pause for a gossip outside.

We drove down a very steep hill - the site of the white princess statue. We found it a lovely spot for family photography.

But, we were at a temple...let us finish with some peace and spirituality!

The white princess.

She had been accused of evil doing and was put to death.
Once dead it was discovered that her blood was white - a sign of innocence and purity.

No let's end with a holiday snap! My man looking relaxed and happy.